Briefly describe the problem of oil dripping in steel wire ropes

Release time:2021-08-11 14:33:23
The lubrication of steel wire rope requires a lubricant with good adhesion and permeability. Usually we would recommend choosing fluid grease, such as U.LUBE ET WRL steel wire rope special grease.
The lubrication of steel wire ropes is usually seen by manual lubrication. It is difficult to control the amount of lubrication, and excessive oil will cause oil to drip and drop, which will pollute equipment and the environment.
For this backward refueling method, we can switch to an automatic refueling system. It can control the amount of fuel well and avoid dripping.
However, even if a company chooses the correct lubricant, switches to an automatic grease system, and controls the amount of grease, it is still inevitable that the lubricant will drip. So how should we solve it? The answer is a specific analysis of specific issues on site.
After on-site investigation and analysis, the steel wire rope used by this unit is customized by the manufacturer. During the production process, the steel wire rope has been immersed in oil, and the overall oil content is high. The new steel wire rope contains a lot of oil. After the fluid grease is added, the oil cannot penetrate into the rope, and when the work is squeezed, the oil in the original rope flows out, diluting the fluid grease outside and washing it off.
After the wire rope has been used for a period of time (about two months), the original oil consumption is almost the same, and then the fluid grease product is added; the wire rope should be cleaned as much as possible, and the oil film should be thinner when refueling.
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