Why is it necessary to replace all the steel wires when one of the steel wire ro

Release time:2021-08-11 14:36:49
Elevator maintenance is a key link to ensure the safe operation of elevators. Elevator maintenance in residential quarters involves many parties such as owners, properties, and maintenance units. It has always been the crux of elevator safety management as well as problems.
When one of the elevator wire ropes is damaged, the maintenance unit usually replaces all the wire ropes of an elevator. The owner is skeptical of this approach. Inconsistent plans will often lead to the extension of the rectification cycle of hidden elevator hazards. At this time, the elevator can only run with illness, and finally stop the elevator.
There are multiple suspended wire ropes in the elevator. If one of the wire ropes is damaged, then this tells us that the adjacent wire ropes may also have problems. When the elevator is installed, the wire ropes are all in the same batch and installed at the same time. Used, on the surface, nothing can be seen. There is an elevator steel wire rope we replaced. It looks good on the surface, but the inside of the rope core is already rusty. Therefore, when we replace the elevator steel wire rope, we need to replace all of it at the same time.
Another reason is that if we only replace one wire rope, it will cause the elevator wire rope to be uneven when the force is applied. Because the tension of the new wire rope is different from the old wire rope, it is like a rubber band in my hand. The new wire rope has better extensibility, and the old wire rope has very poor extensibility. At this time, the traction sheave will wear unevenly, and the final result will be damage to the traction sheave. In severe cases, the wire rope may have abnormal slippage with the traction sheave and cause a safety accident. This is like when we change the tires of our car, the front or rear wheels are replaced in pairs at the same time, so we replace the elevator with When the steel wire ropes, they also need to be replaced all at the same time.
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